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Sponsor a greenhouse

Children all over the world and especially in areas where resources are limited go to school hungry. They arrive at school eager to learn but are often distracted by hunger, or have trouble focusing due to the lack of proper nutrition.

We can assist by building a sustainable greenhouse that will not only allow schools and the community to grow their own food but also provide opportunities to learn about science, math and consumer studies.

Our intention is to provide the same solutions to underprivileged schools and communities that we do to the affluent paying schools and groups. We are truly passionate about education in South Africa and believe its every child's right to get fair opportunities in technology and education.

We also understand the complexities of providing technology solutions in schools with limited resources and infrastructure and so we have put together mobile units that can visit schools and communities to roll out these solutions.

How can you help?

  • Adopt a school

  • Sponsor a student

  • Donate equipment

  • Make a pledge

  • Volunteer your time